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5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots are among the most popular games online. There has been an explosion of games available in this category of casino gaming- most of the software companies have been busy launching big name machines with various levels of jackpot and paylines and if you are going for the big jackpots- this is generally where the action is.

3 reel slots were the first slot variant on the scene - whereas these games normally have 1 pay line, 5 reel slots normally come with muiltiple pay lines which increases the number of winning combinations available (but not necessarily the payout- remember there are more reels!).

You can bet on as many pay lines as they want to. 5 reel slots are also popular in Slots Tournaments, or Tourneys- which involves "buying in" in to game (unless it's a freeroll). You then play for a top place on a leaderboard during the duration of the tournament. The leading players win a share of the prize pool.

Five Reel Slots: The Low Down

5 reel slots have......five reels- that much is obvious. You can generally subdivide the games into classic 5 reels and 5 reel video slots which have enhanced graphics and sound, and may have numerous sub games that are triggered when you land certain combinations of symbols in the main game.

The big feauture to look out for in five reel slots is the number of pay lines. Generally 5 pay lines are the order of the day, which are horizontal lines covering all the visible symbols. Some games, howeer, have as many as 25 pay lines, forming many different shapes across the reels that you can all bet on. The more pay lines you bet on, the more chances you have of winning, but you will have to bet more to play the extra lnes, so your risk increases. The most popular 5 reel slot in the world? Well, probably one of the IGT games like the Cleopatra Slot, or its sequel Cleoptra 2. You see these games everywhere in Vegas

5 Reels Slots Software

All of the major casino games software providers are active in this area, including Microgaming (makers of the ThunderstruckSlot, Playtech (check out, Real Time Gaming, and Rival Gaming. When choosing a game, look out for the pay table, bonus rounds, games within the games and of course the jackpot amount.


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