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Slots Jargon

Like anything that has built up a big fan base, the world of casino slots has its own lingo, jargon or terminology- whatever you want to call it. The vocabulary and concepts can appear a little starnge at the outset. But fear not! We have compiled a list of the most popular terms so that you can translate.

Slots Lingo, Terminology, Jargon

Bonus Multiplier
When you land the bonus on an active pay line, your winnings are increased by the multiplier. Just multiply your winning by the Bonus Multiplier! You will generally have to be playing at the maximum coin level to land the bonus multiplier. 

Bonus Symbol
Check the paytable, because if you land one of these you then enter into a new game, or free spins feature. Youmay also get bonus coins to play with.

You don't actuall feed coins into an online slot casino ofcourse, but people still refert to the coins as a measure of your bet on that round. You'll be able to choose different values for your coins. Most slot casinos accept up to 5 coins per pay line and the values can range from 1p to 5 pounds (or dollars/cents, euros/cents) depending on which currency you are playing in).

The House Edge or Payout
Now pay attention here- this is important! The house edge or payout is the amount of money that the casino pays back into the jackpot pool from the coins that its customers are playing. The higher the payout, the beter for you, and the lower the house edge, the better for you. If the payout is 97%, the house edge will be 3%- this is the percentage that the casino takes to run its business. Generally slots payout varies from around 2% to 5% online. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the jackpot, the higher the house edge. More frequent "looser" slots casinos have a lower house edge, but their jackpots will be more moderate.

Pay line
Connect the reels across the slot and this is your payline- they should be clearly illustrated on the payout table and to get paid, you'll need to land the right combination of symbols across the entire line. is Classic slots normally just have a single payline. 5 reel video slots can have as many as 25.



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