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Slots Tips

You should treat slots as a form of entertainment. Everyone know that the casino has an edge, right? Well, if you didnīt, you do now!

The games are getting more and more entertaining with games like The Gladiator Slot, X-Men, Iron Man and the brand spanking new Thunderstruck 2.

But at the same time, playing slots is even more fun if you are winning!

So is there a good strategy fro playing slots? We run through a few slots tips here that should steer you in the right direction.

Playing slots is all about keeping your head. Take your profits and cut short your losses and play with your head rather than your heart.

Study the payout tables
There is always a house edge in every casino game. Try and play the slots with the highest payout

Slots: Skill or Chance?
Donīt be fooled by anyone. Slots is a pure game of chance. but thatīs OK- so is roulette. If you truly want the best odds, play video poker slots

Don’t Borrow Money to Play
Only play with money you can afford to lose! It really isnīt worth the stress to do otherwise. Itīll affect your thinking, anyway.

Never Buy a Slots Betting System
As we said, slots are 100% a game of chance. Anybody trying to sell you a foolproof system, is trying to scam you.

Play The Maximum Coins
If you want to reduce your bets, it is better to reduce the coin size. You should play maximum coins on progressive machines if you can to win the progressive jackpot.

Analyse the Payouts
Slots payout at casinos can vary from 75 % to 97 %. Do your research online and pick a high payout slot!

Take Your Profits
If you hit the jackpot, make sure that you bank your profit. Take your initial bakroll plus some profit and put it back in your pocket. Then play with the rest. Even better, taka little break after winning. Why not stop altogether and crack open the champers!

Keep a Log
Keep an ongoping track of your winnings and losses. most people are happy to tell you about the big wins, but never the losses. Itīs OK to geep mum, but donīt hind the facts from yourself. Stick it all in a spreadsheet!

Play Slowly
Thereīs no rush! Slow down when you play and enjopy yourself.

Cashing Out.
Cash out as soon as you can- particularly if you are playing online. If you leave your winnings in your casino account, youīll just be tempted to play the money through again. Take any profits out after the session is over.


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