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Slots Tournaments

Slots Tournaments are a relatively new phenomenon that have developed from the world of poker. They have mushroomed in popularity in the last year or so, thanks to the relatively low risk you run in playing them.

You compete against other slots players on a leaderboard- this ups the adrenaline value and makes it more fun overall to play.

YouŽll know in advance what your overall loss will be as you pay upfront to "buy in" to tourneys (although there are also free entry tournaments known as freerolls that you can play).

Of course, this being the world of slots, luck will play a major role in the outcome of the tourney.

The first thing youŽll need to do is to do a bit of research. Find out what slots tourneys are coming up in the weeks and months ahead, and what the buy in and prize distribution is like. All tourneys will have a set start and end time, so youŽll need to load the details into your diary or online calendar. When you have found one you like, sign up and you will be allocated a seat. YouŽll need to play your set number of credits within a certain time limit.

So, for example, you might get 2000 coins and 20 minutes to play. When your time is up, the tourney is over for you (unless the casino is offering a rebuy, which is effectively a new entry). If you do not use all of the credits in the allotted time, youŽll lose them so spin the wheels fast!

Your tournament bankroll is your score and goes onto the leaderboard- track your progress against other players on this score board.

Top Tips for Slots Tournaments
  • Make sure you play all of your credits- so play fast, but not crazily.
  • Keep your concentration! If you hit a big win, keep going. DonŽt celebrate wildly. Remember- it is only a "Virtual Win". It is your total score versus the other players that matters.
  • DonŽt look atthe leaderboard until you have finished your credits. Very important! Curiosity killed the cat, remember.

There are various types of slots tournament offered online today:
  1. Free Tourneys (Freerolls)
  2. Invitation Only Tournaments (normally for high rollers).
  3. Straight Buy-in Tournaments
  4. Tournaments with Rebuys.

Free tournaments are obviously the lowest risk and are used by online casinos to attract new players to their sites. WhatŽs to lose?

Normally, a percentage of the entry fees is used for the prize pool and a percentage is kept by the casino. Sometimes, casinos run promotions in which ALL of the entry fees are used to fund the prizes- these are the best ones to go for obviously. Try and find out the structure before you play- it is not always transparent, but there should at least be a guaranteed prize pool and there may be a limited number of seats (in this scenario it is simple maths to work out the numbers of course).

Good luck!


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