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Video Slots

Video Slots were the name given to "electronic" slots in land based casinos that were run by random number generators (RNG programs) instead of the traditional one armed bandit.
So you could argue that all slot games online are Video Slots, but it has come to mean the range of slots that have rich graphics and often multiple paylines.

Video slots generally have a video display with 5 reels with supercharged audio and visual effects. These games can have as many as 7 reels and nine pay lines, giving you more winning combinations (but not necessarily better odds).

This is where you are likely to find extra features and "games within a game" like multipliers, wild symbols and scatter symbols, mini games with bonus screens and double or quadruple or quits rounds. The experience is richer, but the games are more complex, in other words.

Types of video slots

There are two main types of video slots; straight and progressive slots.
On straight slots, the jackpot payoutsis linked to the individual machine or game.

In the case of progressive video slots, the jackpots are networked across multiple machines and even casinos. The most famous games in this category are probably Microgaming's Mega Moolah and IGT's Mega Jackpots games

The progressive jackpots nudge up as different players on different machine across multiple casinos feed the prize pool. And then someone somewhere wins the big one, and the jackpot is once again reset to its start amount.

How to Choose a Good Video Slot

1. Look at its pay table to see the winning combinations
2. Study the coin size and number of coins needed to win.. TYou should be able to bet a certain number of coins per line.
3. Choose on the coin size you want to to play, the number of pay lines to play and how many coins you will play in a line. If you are going for the jackpot, you´ll need to bet the maximum number of lines and coins.
4. Study the payout table to acertain which reels payout. it may payout on all or some of them.

As a general rule of thumb, low to medium jackpot machines will hit more frequently the millionaire machines. Progressive machines have the lowest payout percentages as a higher % goes towards feeding the huge jackpots. But if you are playing for a life changing sum, you´ll have to live with the maths.

Many professional players try to build up a bankroll on the lower, more frequent playing machines and then switch to the progressives when they are effectiviely playing with the casino´s money- not a bad strategy to adopt.
Remember: do your research before you play and you are more likely to enjoy yourself on the machines and get value for money. Good luck.


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